Arena Fest is Coming on April 12, Tuesday  2:00 pm – 7:30 pm – Arena Venture will be looking for the next great startup to fund!

Expert Dojo in Santa Monica is hosting the Arena Fest, with over 40 other investors there to meet with startups and help get them funded. Expert Dojo’s Founder Brian MacMahon tells us, “Its a chance for startups to expose their business”.  

It’s a great opportunity for Expert DOJO Academy Members to pitch to Paige Craig, Founder and General Partner of Arena Ventures, one of the most progressive new venture funds in Los Angeles. It’s easy to become an Expert Dojo Member – see below.

Key Aspects of the Arena Fest:

Pitch to Paige Craig from Area Ventures (2 minutes per startup)

Meet up to 40 more investors during the power mentoring hour

Investor Mentors give feedback on their faves and why after the mentoring hour

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Expert Dojo is located in Santa Monica Place on the 3rd floor near the Cheesecake Factory.
395 Santa Monica Place, 90405 Unit 308, Santa Monica, California 90405

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These are a few of the 40+ Investor Mentors participating in the event:

  • Laurent Ruben – French Accelerator
  • Tom Schreiber – Tech Coast Angel
  • Kaitlyn Powell – CAA Ventures
  • Richard Wolpert – Accel ventures
  • Robert Morrissette – Primerium Foreign Capital
  • Jennifer Zhang –Cybernaut Venture
  • Sonya Sepahban – Independent active investor
  • Ash Kumra – Tech Coast Venture Network

photo: courtesy of Expert Dojo