Billed as a grassroots movement to build a music scene on the Westside of LA, VMC (Venice Music Crawl) is launching Sat June 22nd from Noon to 10:00pm. There are nearly 50 artists scheduled to perform at numerous venues on Lincoln Blvd in the Venice area.

Scheduled venues include: Deus Ex Machina, RG Club, Witzend, Venice Love Shack, Floyd’s, Venice Arts, Talking Stick and Wurstkuche.

Scheduled artists include: Caught A Ghost, Fox Hollow, Gina Calderoni, Grassroots Iconica, Haunted Summer, Henry Pope, Hobart W Fink, Jesse Wright, jOBOT, Josh Boyd 3, LA Witch, Loomer, Manabu + Jaquiline, Mt Ossa, ORA, Patricio, Rainbow Jackson, Remi-Kabaka + King of Boys, Sammy Bliss, School of Rock Showcase, Shayn Alameda, Thee Rain Cats, Venice Philharmonic, You Me & Us, Young Lovers, Steffaloo, The Get Down Boys, The Californian, Halfbluud, Jacqueline Caruso, Death House of Love, Barehands, Mimi, Bastile, Special Blend, Josh Brooks, Gojira, Neo Fresco and more.

Go to or better yet, their Facebook page for costs, locations and set times.

It’s All About Venice!