This Thursday August 18 marks the  1 Year Anniversary Celebration of Venice Art Crawl! It’s hot, it’s happening and we’ve got exclusive photos of art in the show!

This celebration featureing numerous local artists in multiple venues will commence around 7p.m. – 10 or 11p.m. and longer, depending on venue. While it officially starts at 6, most venues are still putting finishing touches on the shows, however, you can still check it out.

Art by Marshall Carbee

One of the showcase events will be “MOMENTUM Presents: Venice Art Crawl 1-Year Anniversary,” curated by Mark Rojas. It’s at the old Aardvarks space at 85 Market St. at the corner of Pacific, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. with an after party (wow) following it.

Our blog features exclusive art by Marshall Carbee, one of the artists in the Momentum show- this art is exclusively shown on this blog! These are from his “surf painting” series, large scale paintings using bio-paint, salt water and beach sand on paper. He will also have his mechanical dog sculptures with a special edition just for the Art Crawl.


The AK Blog will launch it’s own YouTube channel… Our crew will be out on Abbot Kinney for First Fridays in September interviewing the peeps on the street! Watch for us covering the scene and stealing it too!

Art by Marshall Carbee

The event will also feature artists painter Isabelle Alford-Lago, known for her guerilla paintings seen in every Art Crawl and Mare Costello. Plus there will be dj’s- cause you’ve gotta have beats with the art! Make sure you bring your id as you must be 21 to enter this  event. Most events at the Art Crawl don’t require id, fyi.

There will be a flash Happy Birthday sing along at 9pm at all locations along with some yummy cake.

Kaleidoscope Art by Rich Yaker

Just announced, Miss Jessica will sing her funky grooves at Canal Club from 8-11pm in the back room, along with some art on the wall.  Across the street is James’ Beach  in the back room and down the street at Speedway is Leila Levi’s Alkaline Water Gallery with artist Kathy Shorkey-Confer – just look for the sign on the sidewalk.

After you check out the hotspots on Venice Blvd. you can cruise on to the Boardwalk, a few blocks north to Schulzies on the Boardwalk featuring Rich Yaker’s digital kaleidoscope art at 1827 Ocean Front Walk and other artists too. It’s also a place to get some eats n drinks, because seeing art always makes ya hungry! 

This just in:
Dogtown Artists United will land again at the historic Venice property on the boardwalk, 811 Ocean Front Walk (entrance on Speedway)
to make it live for one night only with visual arts, live performances, music, video and installations!

For the 1-year anniversary of the Venice Art Crawl, they will host a live painting performance of the famous French street artist Speedy Graffito,  one of the pioneers of French street art who never stopped evolving and is revered as an icon by the younger generation. 

Figtree Cafe will be celebrating on the patio  with great musicians, Jacqueline Fuentes on guitar and vocals, plus musician friends will play and sing from Latin to American songs 630 to 8:30 p.m. Complimentary wine and appetizers, plus art by Carmen Perez from New York and Puerto Rico and Venice local Andrew Lisowski is showing his free flowing, abstract drawings. 429 Ocean Front Walk, 2 blocks south of Rose


Launching our YouTube channel…  Watch for us on Abbot Kinney for First Fridays in September – who knows, you might be on camera and seen on our blog – yes Page 1 Google, hello! (with over 5000 hits per month) and YouTube!


It’s All About Venice!