Abbot Kinney is the Founder of Venice in 1905, starting out as an independent city before being annexed by the City of LA in a contentious election, which is still the sore spot for many Venetians, like the Editor here, as the City of LA has given the short shrift to Venice in so many ways since the 1920’s.  All editorials aside, the Venice Art Crawl is an event that Abbot Kinney would be proud of and would surely be happy to have all of us celebrating his birthday tonight! (his real bday is Nov. 16.)
First, if you want to get the deets on the Venice Art Crawl, simply go to our search box over in the right column plus get a feel for the artists and art and much more! The AKFF blog has the official Art Crawl Map below that you can click on to download a fullsize version. And now, without further adieu, a few of the popups we recommend that you check out  tonight:

Canal Club, James Beach (across the street from each other) and Danny’s Venice will all celebrate the bday of the man with the famous boulevard named after him at 9pm and will serve cake with a birthday sing along. Canal Club features photography each month, organized by Sunny Bak a renowned photographer in Venice. James Beach has an unpredictable mishmash of art, so who knows what will be there. Both restaurants host the event in their back rooms. Danny’s will be in the upstairs loft.

Moving on, see paintings from Bill Dambrova at Cairo Cowboy (across from Danny’s) and closeby on Windward Circle see Barbara Mastej’s paintings at Hama Sushi. You can also walk a short distance from the Circle to 1320 Main to satiate your photography fetish (and Venice too) with the “3 Visions from Venice” show. Venice Artist, Ned Evans, is showing rarely seen abstract surf photography from his 20 year collection at 57 Market Street. 

 As you head back to the Boardwalk, head north and stop at Venice Breeze Suites and continue toward Rose to Figtree’s Cafe, a longtime Venice favorite beach side cafe/restaurant will be a remembrance in honor of owner, Victoria Barcelona who recently passed away.  Also nearby is the Blu House aka “The Charlie Chaplin house” or the “Jim Morrisson House” ( yes they both lived there – at separate times!)

Start walking up Rose Ave for more new popup spaces. Rose is becoming the new Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice with it’s new eclectic shops and restaurants. Please click on the map thumbnails below for a larger version to download. Since there are so many venues this time, there are 2 pages, so make sure to get both. Yes, this is from your “art Mom.” Go out, see some art and have fun!  Wanna share your experience? Click to our brand new AKFF Facebook page and post there- plus give it a LIKE while your at it! Thanks!

It’s All About Venice!