The Venice Post Office is a building of historical and architectural significance to the Venice community with its current status in jeopardy. A brief background on the issue:  the US Post Office wants to move the Post Office on Windward Circle to the Post Office Annex building, across the Circle at Grand Blvd. It’s a fact that the Post Office is losing money and it appears that their thinking is that this will help them to save money. Are there other ways to accomplish this without a negative impact on our neighborhood?

This blogger and Venice resident of 11 years believes that this short sighted directive from the Post Office  is a recipe for disaster for the community and can be averted and in fact have a positive outcome for all.

There are options that will be discussed at the meeting today at SPARC, at 685 Venice Blvd. (in the old Venice police station) at 4pm, hosted by the VNC Post Office Task Force. According to Amanda Seward Co-Chair, VNC Post Office Task Force, “We will discuss the current plans for the post office, hear community comments regarding the post office proposals, and consider a motion and possible action concerning the proposal to move operations from the old Post Office to the annex property. ” Join this important meeting where your voice can be heard and you can be more informed on the status of this issue.

Based on the community input at this meeting today, a recommendation will be made to the Venice Neighborhood Council on what action to take, so your attendance is crucial. Consider if the Post Office went ahead with it’s plan… the building would most likely be sold to developers and that outcome does not leave much to the imagination. Thanks to Mark Ryavek for the alert on this meeting and additional information. See one proposal below that will be presented today. This is aimed at keeping the present Post Office in place and using the annex site as a community center and park. Click the image for a larger view.

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