Call Sinners & Saints bakery by TUESDAY DECEMBER 20 to Pre-order Holiday Desserts & GET A $5 DISCOUNT! CALL 310-970-2332.

This is a sampling from the Holiday Dessert Menu:

Walnut Spice Bundt Cake $16
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake $30
Tiramisu $12
Canoli (Pistachio, Chocolate & Siciliani) $15 for 6


Gluten free orange cranberry or pumpkin loaf $12
Gluten free, agave sweetened Pumpkin Pie $20
Gluten free Pecan Pie $22
Gluten free, agave sweetened sweet potato pie $20
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 $5 Pre-order discount good thru Tuesday, Dec 20.
 Holiday Orders thru Friday, Dec 23

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