Food-Truck-Frachs-Fried-Ice-Cream-2018-AKFF-Logo-010518-580x250Abbot Kinney First Fridays aka @AbbotKinney1st rang in the New Year with Tasty Eats on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, Our Fave Place on the Planet!

From cupcakes to churros, cheese, rice balls and even asparagus (with cheese of course) it was a culinary delight for all the First Fridays in Venice Peeps!

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food truck-chunk n chip truck-AKFF-010518This is a sampling of the eats on offer at First Fridays. Gotta pic you want  to share on our website or social media? Reply at the bottom of this post or share on our Facebook Page. Let us know what truck it’s from, what you ate and your name.

Desserts reigned supreme and this double header of ice cream sandwiches looked absolutely delish!


food truck-cupcakes-AKFF-010518Cupcakes, lotsa cupcakes also were a big hit from the Cupcake Truck – wow look at the selection!

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food truck-rice balls of fire truck-AKFF-010518Let’s get back to food, cause you gotta eat, right?

Rice Balls of Fire was one of 20+ food trucks on Abbot Kinney on January 5, 2018.

AKFF, that’s us, recommends getting there as early as possible to find parking and get settled in. BTW, did you know our AKFF VIP Club Members get the scoop on  Secret & FREE parking for First Fridays? Yeah, Members get the scoop so make sure to join and get the deets before the next 1st Fridays!


food truck-cheese truck-AKFF-010518 logoWant to find out the dates of all Abbot Kinney First Fridays in 2018? Of course you do! See our First Fridays calendar here.

food truck-ridges churro truck-AKFF-010518