It’s all green on Saturday at the Venice Library, with the free screening of: ” What is the Electric Car” along with several electric vehicles from the Mini, Volt, Coda and Leaf electric cars on display. The AK Blog caught up with Producer Scott T. Dupont at the event who said that the 100 minute movie gives the  truth on electric vehicles and is there to educate the public about them.

Producer Scott T. Dupont.

It’s a great idea, especially, when magazines like Forbes just published an article this week, discrediting the electric vehicle industry along with much misinformation, according to  Mr. Dupont.  That in addition to the big car companies in Detroit being slow to jump on the green vehicle platform.

The screening was free and will be shown all across LA, including area high schools. Dupont was quick to point out that the kids get it and are very positive about electric vehicles.

Regan Kibbee & Janet Gervers

The AK Blog also  talked to Venetian Regan Kibbee who was involved with the “Who Killed the Electric Car” movie. She  said that at that time she thought that cars would be more Jetson’s like by now. While it’s not the case, progress is being made! If you want to see the movie online, click to this website:

To find out more about electric vehicles click to this website:

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