Get Your COMPLIMENTARY Home Cooked Meal from MyTable in Venice

Get Your COMPLIMENTARY Home Cooked Meal from MyTable in Venice

MyTable prepares home cooked meals by curated private local chefs in Venice, Santa Monica and Marina del Rey that get delivered  to you! The #AKFFBlog and #MyTable have teamed up to offer a FREE Meal for you – read on for details!

MyTable is the new Venice food sensation  bringing delicious, healthy meals to your doorstep. How do we know? Because we tried their food and it’s simply delish! See the photo above of the Fiesta Salmon by Chef Lisa – it’s  a fresh cut of salmon, so good we bit into it before photographing it on First Fridays when we ordered it while we were at The Other Room. How cool is that – they delivered it there to us!

The salmon was spicy but not overwhelming with an ample serving of salad withfresh mixed leafy greens, flower petals, sweet potatoes (yum), tomatoes and balsamic dressing in a separate container. Nice packaging that kept the food intact and well presented.

OK, so you wanna know how to get the COMPLIMENTARY MEAL?

Download the MyTable app on Android or iPhone, view the menu with dishes prepared fresh daily by the chefs and order using Promo Code: FirstFridays. There is a $4.99 delivery charge.

Did you know…?

– The majority of the fee for the meal goes  to the home cooks so it’s an investment in your local community
Customers can schedule a delivery in advance of delivery hours (M-F 5-10pm), or customers may place an order “on demand” during our live delivery hours
Service available right now in Venice, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista, Palms, Culver City, Santa Monica… plan to open up Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Weho and Downtown in next 3 weeks. Sign up via the app to get notified!