April 1st Fridays Photo Contest Winners

April 1st Fridays Photo Contest Winners

The AKFF Blog did our first ever Facebook Photo Contest for  the April 3, 2015 First Friday on Abbot Kinney!  We asked people to post their snaps from the event on our Facebook page – after all, we want to see it from your point of view too! We got some great prizes for 3 winners from our contest sponsors Sanebox in Venice!

Winners & Prizes:

First Prize:
#FirstFridaysContest #AKFFcontest Tyler Allen
Three different facets of 1st Fridays including: a cool mural, unusual view of Intelligentsia and colorful rolls of rugs at Zingara.
Prize: SaneBox Dinner Subscription worth $299/year
#FirstFridaysContest #AKFFcontest #FirstFridaysContest #AKFFcontest





2nd & 3rd Prizes

#FirstFridaysContest #AKFFcontestKristen Pojunis
Captured the spirit of First Fridays with friends feasting on food.




#FirstFridaysContest #AKFFcontestJulia Extanza Mon
Showcased the unique optical illusion art at Made in Earth.

2nd & 3rd Prizes:
SaneBox T-shirt + Amazon Bestseller ebook




sanebox-logoPlease pm us  on Facebook or Email AKFF Editor, so we can get prizes to you!

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