Trending in Coworking: Female Focus at GirlSpace

Trending in Coworking: Female Focus at GirlSpace

Emmarie-Dempsey-GirlSpace-portrait-0617-AKFFMeet Emmarie Dempsey, GirlSpace Founder

Female focused coworking spaces is a rising trend in the coworking world. Emmarie Dempsey, founder of GirlSpace recognizes the need for this type of work environment after managing 6 successful spaces alone. Like any great entrepreneur, Emmarie is forging forward in crowdfunding to raise $60k to launch GirlSpace by 2018. She shares her story of what inspires her to open GirlSpace.

What’s your background?
Born in the Philippines, raised in Michigan, and started “ living life” as we call it in sunny California immediately after graduating from Michigan State University. I was part of a sorority where I learned about comradery and the sense of feeling safe around other women. Ever since graduating, I’ve never had that comradery feeling again and I always thought it would be great if my workplace had that sense of feeling.

How did you discover coworking?
I applied for an office manager position for a company called Cross Campus. They were a coworking startup at the time focusing on app developers. Members mainly consisted of all men and it literally felt like I worked at a fraternity. Working there gave me my first taste in coworking.


GirlSpace Founder, Emmarie Dempsey & AKFF Blog Founder, Janet Gervers

 What makes you want to open a coworking space of your own?
As a woman entrepreneur, we tend to discuss all the barriers we have in common, one of which is the need to feel safe at work. The media today exposes bullying and sexual harassment in the workforce therefore, it’s important GirlSpace is a safe haven for us.

What influenced the decision to create a female focused space?
I had a baby and a full time job. How wonderful would it be if we could provide a better child day care option for working mom entrepreneurs? Yes, having a baby can change your world views and lifestyle!

Girlspace-Coworking-AKFF-Emmerie-Dempsey-kid-friendWhat are the benefits of a female focused coworking space?
I like to use the expression, birds of a feather, flock together. Working in a female focused workspace can provide that special je ne sais quoi that no other co-ed space can offer. I’m talking about having that “Me too!” moment when girls get together. It’s that comradery feeling you get and that is what keeps women going and feeling inspired and capable.

Do you ever receive any criticism for having a “female only” space? If so how do you respond?
I’m quick to give them the lay of the land meaning, this isn’t a “no boys allowed” club or anything of the sort. And it is legal to have a female focused coworking spaces as they are on the rise after all. I guess the number 1 rule about men at GirlSpace is men can work here but cannot be members. Along with having a day care, that’s what separates us from other coworking spaces.

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LA Startup Week November 16-20, 2015

LA Startup Week November 16-20, 2015

LA-Startup-WeekLos Angeles has the fastest growing startup scene in the US! The startup scene sprouted from Silicon Beach, namely Venice and Santa Monica and expanded to Marina del Rey,  Playa Vista and El Segundo areas. The tech/startup scene also exploded in Downtown LA and has spread to Hollywood and Pasadena.


The week brings a host of free events from #DTLA to #SantaMonica.  LA Startup Week is described on it’s website as “One week of events to celebrate, recognize and engage the entrepreneurs in our city.”

It also lists stats such as: Incubators & Accelerators at 59 total and Coworking spaces at 38, which seems to be a low number based on how fast coworking spaces have proliferated in the past year alone. It  lists a total of 876 startups which sounds vastly underestimated, considering the number of startup conferences the #AKFFblog reports on, daily contact with startups at the coworking space our office is located in, NextSpace Venice Beach, startup related events attended and more.

While it’s unclear how that number was arrived at, it could use a 1 in front of the number. This Editor’s opinion is that there are thousands of startups in LA! Regardless of number, there are plenty of panels and events that focus on  LA Startups this week!