From the Vault: Venice Celebrity Event Photos

From the Vault: Venice Celebrity Event Photos

It’s the LAST FRIDAY of the month and we’re still waiting for Covid to get out of our lives! It also means that First Fridays, aka 1st Friday, Venice First Fridays is closed until further notice… While that’s a bummer, here’s something that hopefully will cheer you up!

Celeb photos from our vault: including events in Venice, Santa Monica and Los Angeles that have been featured in our blog posts over the years, plus a few from the vault that have never been seen before today!

You’ll see photos from events like: the Venice sign lighting that includes celebrities like Pink, Robert Downey Jr, Mark Lennon and the band Venice, Councilman Bill Rosendahl, Councilman Mike Bonin, local bands and musicians such as Suzy Williams, The Gumbo Brothers  and Miss Jessica.

Plus you also see photos of skateboarding icon Tony Alva with his band, His Eyes Have Fangs and with local mural artist Robert Vargas at the Kinney Hotel event commemorating Robert’s mural of Tony on the side of the hotel. Music icon Norwood Fisher from Fishbone  is seen in an interview with Gerry Fialka.

C’mon back for more photos! Our Editor is digging in the archives for more goodies to show you!

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