Suzy Frank, Owner of Abbot Kinney Real Estate
Twenty years ago Jan Brilliot, Jay Griffith, and Linda Lucks started The Venice Garden & Home Tour with a handful of volunteers. Today, the volunteer count has increased exponentially, along with the amount of money raised for the Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA). One volunteer that has been there from the very beginning is Suzy Frank.

Suzy Frank has lived in the neighborhood of Venice for 25 years.  She would say she’s, “lived here when no one wanted to live here on the walk streets.” But the truth is she saw the garden within the weeds and over the last 25 years has helped remove the weeds from the eyes of the general public. She was there when the first red plum trees were planted on Crescent Place and Shell. She happily donated trees to The Westminster Elementary School from her company Abbot Kinney Real Estate. Even now, where there once was budding seeds on the thoroughfares, there now stands full grown plants and trees. Thanks to The Venice Garden & Home Tour and amazing volunteers like Suzy Frank, Venice is now a lifestyle.

(Editor’s Note: The Venice Garden & Home Tour is Saturday, May 5, see our previous posts on it.)

Blog Contributor: Michael Alvarado

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