LA cannot be LA if not for its famous reputation of being home to many iconic murals and street art. Here are few spots the #AKFF team recommends you visit! Share your adventures with us on Instagram @abbotkinney1st

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @caitlinharsch
Photo Courtesy of Instagram @caitlinharsch

The Paul Smith Wall

Look familiar? Everyone in LA hits up this iconic wall to get the perfect selfie. EVERYONE. It’s the perfect picture and the trendiest spot in LA.

Find It Here: 8221 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA




Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Li – Hall Wall

This mural catches ones eye from a mile away. The white and black balances of the mural is different from the colorful and vibrant colors we see all around LA. It is worth a visit and an Instagram post!

Find It Here: Fabric Planet, 423 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 



Photo Courtesy of Instagram @floriandelomme

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @floriandelomme

Love Wall

Calling all hopeless romantics and couples!  The Love Wall is yet another favorite on Instagram. With its fun and vibrant colors it draws everyone in. It also makes the perfect backdrop for couples and friends this Valentine’s Day!

Find It Here: Smashbox  Studios, 8549 Higuera St, Culver City, CA


Photo Courtesy of Instagram @wrdsmth

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @wrdsmth


One simply cannot miss these pieces when one is in Hollywood. These pieces are everywhere, as they should be. These infectious messages help lift up our spirits and inspire great Instagram posts.

Find It Here: The 3rd Stop, 8636 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA  





Art Opening:
Featuring Venice & Santa Monica Artists at Fab Studio Saturday, January 21, 6-9pm

Palimpsest-Venice-Art-Opening-FAB-galleryA fire burned down Flavio Bisciotti’s home art studio in Venice a year ago. After the initial shock of losing his art, he came up with the idea to salvage the remains of the fire to create new artworks. Flavio’s concept is a collaborative effort including Venice and Santa Monica artists.

FAB Gallery: 2001 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(behind Dog Town Coffee)


 Alexandra Dillon – Amy Kaps – Anthony Schmitt – 
Barbara Kosoff – Barbara Mastej – Brian Murphy – 
Campbell Laird – Christine Palma – Cristina Monmany – 
Doron Gazit – Eric Schwabel – Felipe Martinez Carbonell
 – Gary Palmer – Gus Harper – Javier de Aubeyzon
 – Jennifer Verge – John C. Ransom – Joshua Elias – Juan Feldman
 – Lula Flores – Mark Farina – Mark Lipson – Nikolas Soren Goodich
 – Rana Wilson – Rohitash Rao – Sandy Bleifer – 
Tori White – Michael Torquato deNicola.

Feature Photo Courtesy of