Skate Deconstruct photo exhibit about grass root skateboarding and skate culture in Mexico as seen by an outsider.

Photographer Marina Ekroos from Finland loves capturing the beauty of life and telling stories that inspire with an emphasis on fashion and food, however, this time she captures the essence of several skateboarders while traveling in Mexico City. The skaters will be present at the art exhibition opening. In her personal projects her method is to deconstruct objects, concepts and ideas into one frame stories.  

For five weeks in early 2016, Marina followed skateboarders Gabriel and his friend Gabo in and around Mexico City. Her method was to observe the culture, slowly understand it and deconstruct it into my photography. What she encountered was very different from the expectations she had of a city that is usually represented by social issues, drugs and violence. Instead of misery, she met motivated and aware young men who work hard to achieve what they value in life.

Skate culture is usually covered by insiders, and Marina is honored and very grateful that Gabriel and his friends accepted her so quickly and allowed her to see their lives, which is on view for all to see.

skate-deconstruct-art-exhibit-santa-monicaSkate Deconstruct

September 17, 3-7pm

Show Dates:
September 17 – November 11, 2016

2009 Main St, Santa Monica, CA


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