>Venice Beach MArdi Gras Parade 2013 Photos
Janet G from the AKFF Blog Team with the Mudbug Brass Band, aka The Gumbo Brothers!
photo: Tryg Hanson
The AKFF Blog Team had a blast at the 12th Annual Venice Beach Mardi Gras Parade last Saturday, February 9. The parade had about 100 locals in it from both Venice and Santa Monica with many crazy, flamboyant and beautiful costumes – and lots of beads passed out to the huge crowd! Hundreds of people crowded the Boardwalk  to see the parade and some even joined in! See more >
The parade spanned from Rose Ave to Windward, with Danny’s Venice as the turn around with most of the parade revelers parading through the bar – for real, which the patrons loved with the Windward Krewe carrying their Venice sign so that we could all use it to take photos under it. The parade was led and organized by the Grandview Krewe with  Miss Jessica and Johann from the Gumbo Brothers leading the way, in addition to organizing this gargantuan effort with the timely, “California Gold” theme. Plus, Danny Moynihan’s marching band led the musical effort on the parade route back to the after party.
The Gumbo Brothers played as the Mud Bug Brass Band during the parade and played for 3 unbelievable hours at the  after party  at Venice Bistro which was rockin’!

The AKFF will have some videos to come from the parade and after party, so stay tuned for even more mardi gras’ing! See the photos on the AKFF Facebook page >

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