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Memorial Day Holiday

How did the Holiday creep up so fast? It just does that in LA. Whether you live here and are doin’ the “staycation” thing or in town for  a vacation, there’s plenty of things to do all the time. See our handy dandy guides that let you in on stuff the locals know about – or maybe they don’t – but you will since you’re checking this out! Check that all spots are open on the holiday.

Hidden Gems in LA

Get the scoop on some places all over  Los Angeles from a ranch to a Victorian mansion, serene lake surrounded by tranquil gardens and more.

West LA from Venice Beach to Malibu 5 Hotspots

There’s so much to do on the Westside! We like calling it Westside Bestside since that’s where we’re located. Whether it’s hiking in Malibu or Pacific Palisades or hanging out in Venice along with fun beach activities like surfing- hello… @AbbotKinney1st has some more outdoor hotspots for you!

Culver City Foodie & Happy Hour Hotspots

Culver City has  much to offer when it comes to happy hours and places to eat.  We’ve got a selection of places we checked out for you that will be sure to impress the relatives visiting from out of town. If you’re in town enjoy the eats and drinks! Plus a few tidbits on shops and the coworking scene. Ok it’s a weekend, you’re not working, however, it’s good to know a  great community, after all we work there!

First Fridays Scoop

Planning  for First Fridays in Venice yet? It really will help you to be in the know!

First Fridays Calendar

Map of Abbot Kinney Bl

Free Parking, Food Truck Rewards

Membership really does have it’s rewards! Browse our Membership Rewards Club and grab yours  before the price is upped! (hint: 1st Fridays)