Photos: Janet Gervers & Tryg Hanson
The second annual Palm Springs Fine Art Fair (Feb14-17) was a smaller, more intimate version of it’s Los Angeles counterpart, the LA Art Show held at the LA Convention Center last month. Both were put on by the Hamptons Expo Group and had a good mix of historic, modern and contemporary art. It was amazing to be surrounded by art, standing in the middle of The Palm Springs Convention Center, which has a warm, inviting feel, populated by friendly and engaging people.

    There were back to back events with guest speakers, panels and show honorees Helene Galen (Arts Patron of the Year ), Mel Ramos (Lifetime Achievement  Award), Michael Childers (2013 Distinguished Photographer award) and Robert Kelly (Invited Guest Artist), plus Peter Frank (Art Writer/Curator) who led the Curators in the Community panel on Saturday with distinguished panelists from area museums.

One of AKFF’s favorites was Saturday’s Guided Tour with Andi Campognone, Curator for the Lancaster Museum of Art + History. She invited us to engage in a deeper conversation than “this artist is an example of non-representational abstract art” or “that artist is a good investment.” She challenged us to go beyond the usual reaction of “I like this painting, I don’t like that photo” etc. and really dig to discover why we liked or disliked a piece of art. Thanks for the insightful tour!

The Meet the Artists & Curators Party at the VIP Lounge Saturday night was packed with artists, curators, gallery owners and the President of Hamptons Expo Group, Rick Friedman, whom the AKFF Blog team had the opportunity to meet. The Palm Springs Fine Art Fair was a great weekend getaway which was overlapped by Modernism Week.

 Article by: Tryg Hanson, Abbot Kinney First Fridays
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