The mural you’re seeing above is by well known artist, Edward Biberman in the Venice Post Office an historic WPA building that the Post Office wants to sell to the highest bidder, without any regard to the input of the Venice Community, City of Los Angeles or California Coastal Commission regulations that are in place. That includes a joint letter  appealing the decision from Congresswoman Janice Hahn and Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

If you are interested in saving this historic structure along with it’s mural by a seminal artists with works displayed in The Met, The Whitney and The Corcoran to name a few and currently on display at the American Jewish University as part of the Pacific Standard Time show, then make a point of joining the Save the Venice Post Office Task Force and friends that support our community!

To get more background on the situation, see the links to our previous posts below and Join the Save the Venice Post Office Facebook page too!

Jul 26, 2011
The Venice Post Office is a building of historical and architectural significance to the Venice community with its current status in jeopardy. A brief background on the issue: the US Post Office wants to move the Post Office on
Jul 28, 2011
See the previous post below for more information on the Post Office debacle and make sure to participate in this important meeting. At Tuesday’s meeting, Suzanne Zada a trustee for well-known artist Edward Bieberman who
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