Latest Trend in the Food Scene: Fusion Invasion

Abbot Kinney is a beautiful street, lined with tall palms and stylish boutiques. There’s no better time to fully experience its flavor than on a first Friday of the month. As a new comer to the scene, I recognized this as the highlight event for the swanky neighborhood.

As I awaited my food truck dinner, I wandered up and down the street in awe of its prestige and style. I was quickly distracted by a fusion Korean food truck that advertised its famous sushi burrito. I’d heard of this before… some kind of cross between Korean and Mexican food– an original and delicious (I got to try one!) idea.

It wasn’t only this crowd-pleasing meal that embraced such originality.

I found Latin, Italian and even comfort food prepared in this fusion style. A myriad of creative menus were parked all over Abbot Kinney. Looked like I wasn’t the only new kid on the block. This First Friday event was all about experimentation with unique flavor palettes and a coming together of different cultures. As a first timer to the event and a newbie to California, I was thankful for a celebratory mixing of cultures.

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