Lincoln Blvd. has come a long way!

Take a stroll down Lincoln Boulevard for a change. This up and coming street is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring or somewhere to chill on your lunch break. You’ll find great bars and resturants to eat up and down the street.

Helen’s Cycles is a well known bicycle shop where anyone can rent bikes and get tips on some great rides nearby. All up and down Lincoln Blvd there are a ton of murals, perfect for picture taking.

There’s tons of little shops including a pyschic and tarot card reading if you’re feeling curious about your future.

The night scene the Blvd becomes more alive than in the day time. There are various bars and gastropubs up and down the street.

Definitely check out Wurstkuche! It’s a sausage restaurant and bar that has a twist on the normal hot dog, ranging from a classic Italian to a gourmet sausage. There are exotics where brave customers can try rattlesnake, duck, pheasant etc. They carry an extensive range of beer, from German, Belgian and American IPAs. If you’re a fan of beer and sausages this is a great place to eat and hang with friends.

burgers n brews lincoln blvd

Burgers n’ Brews is a great place to eat if you love burgers and beers on tap. It’s a fairly new restaurant where the burgers served are all gourmet and for a great price. All the burgers are served with fries however you can substitute them for sweet potato fries or even a fresh kale salad. They have IPA’s and Lagers all handpicked and local beers. 

Venice nightlife The LincolnAnother hotspot is The Lincoln, which has been previously featured on AKFF. Great cocktails and strong!

If you’re looking for a chill place to hang check out Lincoln Blvd!


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