Did Santa Drive a Sleigh or a Food Truck…You Decide

Here at Abbot Kinney First Friday’s we’re hopeful that Santa does indeed drive some sort of food-themed mode of transportation–and even more so that he is well informed of what we want most for Christmas this year…amazing food! Thankfully though, we don’t have to wait until December 25th to indulge in some topnotch cuisine. Come join us this friday for the LAST Abbot Kinney First Fridays event of 2018!!

With the last First Fridays event in sight, we hope to remember all of the joy these food-filled evenings brought in 2018. So don’t miss this last one!

Check out our FULL LIST of food trucks:

Food Truck List

AbbotKinney First Fridays Food Truck Guide Cover-© 2018If you like what we’ve done for First Fridays, you’ll love our Food Truck Guide for Los Angeles, Socal & Beyond coming out next year! Our Premium Subscribers will get the Ebook for Free!