Looking for a new happy hour, cafe or brunch joint to add onto your summer bucket list? Check out these hotspots in Venice & nearby.

6 Spots to Get Your Brunch on This Summer in Venice Beach, Santa Monica & Hermosa Beach


Because what else are Sundays for? From bottomless mimosas to a pork belly benedict, AKFF knows best about brunch. 



Happy Hour HOTspots in Venice & NearbyHappy-Hour-Venice

You can never go wrong with happy hour specials and these hotspots do 5pm the right way. These gems are perfect for date nights or casual dinner & drinks. 


 Get Caffeinated – Top 5 Coffee Spots in Venice!


While you’re exploring these trendy spots in Venice & nearby, stay awake! Be sure to try out these coffee shops between brunch, happy hour, and (of course) the beach.