Gorilla Apparel-gorillazenbaseball_frontThe Gorillas are everywhere in Venice! For real – seen on many walls such as those inside NextSpace Venice and outside of Gjusta Bakery for example. Now you can wear one!

The Bodhi Gorilla mural seen on the walls at Gjusta inspires yogis and dancers alike, encouraging human nature to be openly interpreted and embraced along the way.

Isabelle Alford-Lago says:

“My gorillas are the uncensored human, laying bare a primitiveness we can all relate to. Despite their large hairy bodies and prominent nostrils, the gorillas redefine super star. Poised in the nude, they greet you with genuine self-confidence. This is why I also take my work to the public space, painting gorillas on exterior walls, so they exist within our “civilized” environment and remind us to be at peace with our own human nature.

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gorilla-mural-Isabelle-Alford-lagoThe Bodhi Gorilla mural that inspired the Limited Edition Tee Shirt – get your shirt show your support to a Local Venice Artist!
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Art Happenings in Venice + Santa Monica

Aloe-Slava-Fokk-ArtistArt Opening at ETC Gallery in Santa Monica, Saturday, April 9

Solo Art Exhibition by artist, Slava Fokk,  Stolen Moments.
Featuring an entirely new 2016 collection of his most exotic work to date.  Slava is highly sought after by collectors around the world and it’s a great opportunity to see his art. His recent portraits of women inspired by his wife and women he meets all over the world. 2009 Main St., Santa Monica, CA

#AKFF #abbotkinney1st #theotherroom Art at The Otheroom + Call for Artsists

A month to month rotation of local artists will be shown at The Otheroom on Abbot Kinney.  April will feature Jean C. Wheat. An artful summer is in storeon AK! 🙂 

 Open Call for Artists in May 2016: Email  submissions to leslieheinze@etcartgallery.com