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@Abbotkinney1st Food Truck List June 1, 2018

Venice Bl to California

Pudding Truck line Food truck on Abbot Kinney for First FridayCravin’ Crab Cakes
Frach’s Fried Ice Cream
Mess Hall Canteen
The Pudding Truck
The Roast Truck Coffee

California to Santa Clara

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food truck-chunk n chip truck-AKFF-010518Food Travelers Gourmet
Mad Dumplings
Maravilla Latin Cuisine
Okamoto Kitchen
Phillyfornia Philly Cheese
Pickles & Peas
Rice Balls of Fire
Rolln Lobster
Roni Macaroni
Sanook SoI 38
Smhokin Pot
Spyros Gyros
Thai-Mex Cocina
Triple Threat Truck



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Santa Clara to San Juan

Black Flour
Bird Coma
Blue Nova
Mexican chuck wagon
Pinch of flavor truck
Ridges Churro Bar


Heart-AbbotKinney1st-AKFFAstro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
Goshen Cuisine
Pink Taco Truck
Prince of Venice Food Truck
Tender Grill Gourmet Brazilian Kitchen
Word Of Mouth Truck


 More First Fridays Events

WillLeatherGoods-AKFF-050418Live Music with Faded Echo at Will Leather Goods on Abbot Kinney

We checked out this dynamic acoustic duo last month and enjoyed their tunes! Plus a special sale on leather goods!

1360 Abbot Kinney Blvd. at California Ave (at a traffic light).