Why Your Date Just Might Prefer a Food Truck to a Five Star Restaurant

Planning a great date for that special someone in your life? Whether they’re your long-time spouse or your last match on bumble, a food truck date might just be your best bet.

No, it’s not glamorous or flashy. But the food truck scene has everything you need to impress a hot date.

First, they’ll see that you’re good with your money. Food trucks are the best place for amazing food at a reasonable cost. Why drop $100 on a small portioned salad that got “great reviews” when you can have mac n’ cheese any way you want or a poke style sushi burrito or even a waffle-fried chicken combo for about $10???? It’s common sense really, and we think they’ll appreciate it.

Second, the scene could not be more hip. Located in the heart of trendy Venice, Abbot Kinney is the place to be for fashion and night life–even if your night life has the opportunity to drive off to its next destination. Also, with a fun outdoor atmosphere with plenty of people watching and window shopping, the experience will surely be memorable.

Third, it’s a creative idea! Sure, anyone can take anybody to a fancy restaurant. But at a food truck festival, they’ll undoubtedly notice your thoughtful, out-of-the-box idea.

So next time you’ve landed a date, don’t overlook the best date night spot!! Come visit Abbot Kinney for your next date!

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PS- Our Food Truck Guide is Coming in 2019!