School’s out for Summer and it’s time for some serious Food Truck fun at First Fridays on Abbot Kinney BL in Venice!

Of course everyone can enjoy Abbot Kinney First Fridays! It’s been happening for 11 years (WOW)! That’s when this INDEPENDENT Blog started by Yours Truly, a local Venetian, with the purpose of helping this small community event go BIG! Here’s an announcement about something else that will go BIG!

AbbotKinney-First-Fridays-Food-Truck-Guide @abbotkinney1st-

Los Angeles Food Truck Guide is Coming This Fall!
Get the scoop on food regular truck events happening in Venice, LA and beyond! It’s a handy e-book you can take wherever you go! Food truck haps are a swipe away! 1st Friday, 1st Thursday and even 1st Saturday.

If you want The Insider Guide to First Fridays that’s not published here, then make sure to check out this link: Insider Guide

First Fridays FAQ

First Fridays Map

Food Truck Event M-F

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