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For the LOVE of Food Trucks & First Fridays

For the LOVE of Food Trucks & First Fridays

AbbotKinney1st was a food truck love fest on June 1! Did you check it out?  We’ve got a few snaps to share with you!

dessert-AKFF-060118-abbotkinney1stGreat food choices for you food truck foodies in LA that came to Venice last week! Dessert reigned supreme, what more can we say!?

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Of course rollnlobster-givemefood-AKFF-060118there was a big crowd! Lobster roll anyone?


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Food Truck Love at First Fridays June 1, 2018

Food Truck Love at First Fridays June 1, 2018

Food Trucks, Food & Launching Something New for YOU!

@Abbotkinney1st has been cooking up the online scene for food trucks for 10 years now!

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@Abbotkinney1st Food Truck List June 1, 2018

Venice Bl to California

Pudding Truck line Food truck on Abbot Kinney for First FridayCravin’ Crab Cakes
Frach’s Fried Ice Cream
Mess Hall Canteen
The Pudding Truck
The Roast Truck Coffee

California to Santa Clara

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food truck-chunk n chip truck-AKFF-010518Food Travelers Gourmet
Mad Dumplings
Maravilla Latin Cuisine
Okamoto Kitchen
Phillyfornia Philly Cheese
Pickles & Peas
Rice Balls of Fire
Rolln Lobster
Roni Macaroni
Sanook SoI 38
Smhokin Pot
Spyros Gyros
Thai-Mex Cocina
Triple Threat Truck



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Santa Clara to San Juan

Black Flour
Bird Coma
Blue Nova
Mexican chuck wagon
Pinch of flavor truck
Ridges Churro Bar


Heart-AbbotKinney1st-AKFFAstro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
Goshen Cuisine
Pink Taco Truck
Prince of Venice Food Truck
Tender Grill Gourmet Brazilian Kitchen
Word Of Mouth Truck


 More First Fridays Events

WillLeatherGoods-AKFF-050418Live Music with Faded Echo at Will Leather Goods on Abbot Kinney

We checked out this dynamic acoustic duo last month and enjoyed their tunes! Plus a special sale on leather goods!

1360 Abbot Kinney Blvd. at California Ave (at a traffic light).

Five Things We Liked at First Fridays

Five Things We Liked at First Fridays

Besides the food trucks, of course! First Fridays May 4, 2018


WillLeatherGoods-AKFF-050418Will Leather Goods

The AKFF Team walked into the store and immediately loved hearing the Rolling Stones music by the acoustic duet, Faded Echo, plus free Henna tattoos by Betzee; our Editor rocked one of those and got lots of compliments that evening,. See the henna tattoo on our Instagram feed @AbbotKinney1st. Plus, there was a sale going on in the store too!



It was great seeing some art again on Abbot Kinney Boulevard; check out this pop-up shop. They are having an auction on art and some pretty cool furniture on May 20. Also fun getting some freebies at the store too.



TenterCoffee-AKFF-050418Tenter Coffee

Coffee samples! Just heat some water and pour over the filter packet for robust and tasty organic coffee. This Editor tried the coffee at home and it was quick and easy to get a cuppa joe and tasted great.



DanielWellington-AKFF-050418Daniel Wellington

Cinco de Mayo party with the love wall; great photo op for all – and those refreshing margaritas. Nice watch collection too.




ASAKaftans-AKFF-050418ASA Kaftans

You are golden.

Nice to see this while window shopping after the store was closed. Dreamy kaftans – even in turquoise leopard print!


All in all it was a great First Fridays. Are editor recommends checking out the stores and shops that are open during First Fridays after you eat your food cuz you never know what party or freebies you might come across. @Abbotkinney1st has been covering First Fridays Venice for 10 years and we know a good thing when we see it and share it with you first!

Abbot Kinney First Fridays Turns 10! Celebrate May 4, 2018, 4-10:30pm

Abbot Kinney First Fridays Turns 10! Celebrate May 4, 2018, 4-10:30pm

@AbbotKinney1st Celebrates 10 Years of Supporting the Community that loves First Fridays!
Plus coverage of Venice Community Events, Silicon Beach,  Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, West LA & more Food Truck Events!

food-first-fridays-couple⇒ First Fridays FAQ

⇒ Food Truck FYI

⇒ First Fridays Map

⇒ Calendar



Food Truck Lineup on Abbot Kinney

abbotkinney1st-foodtrucks-palms-crowd-wordofmouth-040218Venice Bl – California 

Chinese Fusion
Cravin’ Crab Cakes
Dreamy Creations
Frach’s Fried Ice Cream
Steamy Bun Truck
Word Of Mouth Truck


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Made in Brooklyn NY Pizza (MIB Pizza)

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Dogtown Dogs

Purchase 2 dogs get FREE small tot!

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Food Trucks cont’d: Whether you call it Abbot Kinney First Fridays, Venice First Fridays, Abbot Kinney First Friday, @abbotkinney1st, 1st Fridays or Food Truck Friday!


California – Santa Clara

Belly BombZ
Chuck Wagon
Crepes Bonaparte
Epikurian Truck
Food Travelers
Mad Dumplings
Mess Hall Canteen
Mexican Chuck Wagon Fusion
Okamoto Kitchen
Pinch of Flavor Truck
Rolln Lobster
Smhokin Pot
Thai-Mex Cocina
The Panzerotti Truck


abbotkinney1st-food-grilledcheesetruck-040218Santa Clara – San Juan

Sanook Soi 38
Ridges Churro Bar
Lindo Taco
Wow’s Wings on Wheels


abbotkinney1st-food-cousinsmainelobsterPalms Ave

(side street close to Venice Bl)

Goshen Cuisine
Love Bird
Pickles & Peas
Roni Macaroni
Prince of Venice
The Pudding Truck

abbotkinney1st-crowd-foodtrucks-040218-1180pxThe Brig Parking Lot

(private lot close to Venice Bl)
Updated May 3, 2018
Open til 11pm

Dogtown Dogs (VIP Members Get a Freebie- scroll up for deets)
Baby’s Badass Burgers
Cousin’s Maine Lobster
Kogi BBQ
The Original Grilled Cheese Truck
South Philly Experience
Wise Barbeque Truck


 More Events on First Fridays:

Venice Art Crawl- @abbotkinney1st-050418Venice Art Crawl

Join Venice Eclectic, a magical benefit event themed to honor Venice’s eclectic community of artists performers and supporters of the art. Just off of Abbot Kinney at the historic Lantern House, a place full of colorful art and history. Delectable food, open bar.

May 4, 7-10 pm, Tickets: $125
745 Milwood Ave, Venice 90291
VAC Art Benefit Tickets >


Affair of the Arts, Culver City

Free festival with a ton of artists exhibiting, plus live painting, live music & more in downtown Culver City.

May 4, 5 and 6.
9400 Culver Bl at Main Street,
Culver City 90232
Art Festival Info >

The Shocking Truth About Abbot Kinney First Fridays

The Shocking Truth About Abbot Kinney First Fridays

Abbot Kinney First Fridays Getting Started- Food trucksThe Chronicles of Venice:
The origins of the AKFF blog were anything but typical.

AKFF started 10 years ago in Venice where things don’t go on the straight and narrow. See this post for the start of @abbotkinney1st.

Our Editor and Founder, Janet Gervers of Jagmedia in Venice was working with the Venice Chamber and the Venice Neighborhood Council at the time to promote Abbot Kinney First Fridays on Abbot Kinney Bl in Venice, when the attendance was a handful of people. 

Our Editor had the idea of creating a blog that promoted Abbot Kinney First Fridays. She discussed it with one of the Venice Chamber Board Members who was very supportive of the idea and it was launched in a short time in May of 2008 promoting First Fridays.  They both spread the word to Abbot Kinney businesses. There was opportunities for free and low-fee advertising, something needed to sustain blog. The Abbot Kinney First Fridays blog helped to sky rocket attendance within a year of starting which led to international prominence!

It was really shocking that an insidious email  was sent over the weekend making the blog effort akin to a crime by Carole Tantau, owner of Just Tantau on Abbot Kinney and a Venice Chamber Board Member,  directly familiar with the efforts of our Editor, who was actively promoting the event and volunteering on her own time for it. The email was sent to Board Members of the Venice Chamber and the Venice Neighborhood Council claiming that our Editor and a Board Member who was supportive of the idea were in some kind of nefarious collusion and did her best to try to shut the blog down. Fortunately, the majority who were emailed did not agree with her and the blog continued.

In fact no effort was made to open any kind of dialogue at any time past or present. It was really distressing and hurtful to our Editor to have these accusations made when she had put much effort into helping the community and something that would benefit the businesses on Abbot Kinney (and still does). While this is not intended to be vindictive in any way, the truth finally needs to be told.  This blog does NOT benefit from  food truck booking revenue, it’s a local merchant group. This blog has been an all-volunteer effort since the start 10 years ago and it exists via advertising revenue.  Our Editor is grateful to have had the support we’ve had from local businesses over the years.

Moving forward, the AKFF Blog is planning on putting the blog on the Patreon platform that will allow people to subscribe to get premium content and perks so we can continue our blog for you, our valued readers who appreciate what we do and love First Fridays.

The advertising models of the past don’t work as well and we hope that you will move forward with us and support us so that we can continue bringing content not only about First Fridays but also food, culture and events in Beach areas, West Los Angeles and beyond – plus perks only for our subscribers.

If there’s something else that you would like to see on our blog, make sure to click in the reply area below or fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

Photos by Janet Gervers:
Feature: 2014 First Fridays & Abbot Kinney BL Sign
2015 First Fridays & Abbot Kinney BL