First Fridays on Abbot Kinney Bl – Preview for June 5, 2015!

First Fridays on Abbot Kinney Bl – Preview for June 5, 2015!

Did you know that  the AKFF has blogged abut First Fridays sine 2008 with tons of free info, tips, etc for the First Fridays event each month? And we’re the ONLY blog that has written about 1st Fridays for 7 years and a whole lot more haps in Venice!

Mark your ical or Google cal for Friday June 5 for Abbot Kinney First Fridays. It promises to be a lot of fun with food trucks galore, special performances, shops open late and  EXCLUSIVE Specials!

Paradise at PalmsFirst let’s get to the food trucks – a few in attendance are the French Food Truck, Recess Truck, The BLT Truck and Fair Game the Nouveau Food Truck. These are from each of the 4 zones where food trucks are assigned spots on Abbot Kinney Bl between Palms and Westminster. Check us out  on Twitter @AbbotKinney1st since most food trucks at 1st Fridays post there.

First Fridays-Epithereal-Beautiful-EyesLet’s get to an EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL just for AKFF Blog peeps:
Epithereal Skincare has an offering just for you. Come back later tomorrow and we will tell you what it’s all about! Hint: the eyes have it. 🙂  Plus, a second special, wow! Think hydration…



behind Abbot Kinney (east of it between California and Millwood).

There’s also an art reception at a new gallery and a free performance at Electric Lodge, just behind Abbot Kinney on Electric Av. More shops than ever are staying open late and restaurants have specials going on too!  We’ll have deets for you tomorrow afternoon!


First Fridays is Heating up on Friday, May 1 in Venice on Abbot Kinney Boulevard!

First Fridays is Heating up on Friday, May 1 in Venice on Abbot Kinney Boulevard!

Abbot Kinney First Fridays Brings it: Food, Fashion, Beauty, Dating & Party Invite! Check here Again – More to Come!

Food Trucks on San JuanWow, there’s so much to tell you, where do we start? First Fridays basics of course! Let the games begin at 6pm until 10/11pm on Friday May, 2015 on Abbot Kinney Bl in Venice, between Venice Bl. and Westminster (both are at lights).

Food trucks line the hottest boulevard where you will be able to get some eats. Hints for food trucks at May First Friday: pizza, lobster, barbecue and mos def sweet treats and organic food too. See our AKFF Twitter feed for deets.

Turning+Point+Venice-PArtyYou’re Invited to a Party!

Grand Opening Party:
Turning Point Pilates 

Saturday, May 16, 2015 1pm-3pm. 

Bring your friends and check out their brand new studio location while sipping on prosecco and enjoying desserts!

  • Lorna Jane Trunk Show: Discounts on Merchandise

  • Raffle: Pilates, Facial, Massage, Flower Essences

  • Special Deals: Revealed at the Party

  • Ribbon Cutting: 1:30pm with Venice Chamber of Commerce

337 Washington Blvd Suite 1  | Venice, CA 90292 | 310-217-7630 |

Epithereal Skincare- young fashion modelBeauty & Skincare

Get your skin revitalized after enjoying your First Friday a little too much! B-12 shots and IV therapy to get that glow you’re looking for and an energy boost at Epithereal Skincare, a medical beauty spa in Marina del Rey with a doctor on staff! 

Celebs like Rihanna  & Chrissy Teigen use these treatments :

  • IV Myer’s Cocktail Therapy: the perfect pick me up post 1st Fridays blends vitamins & minerals; energy w/out caffeine buzz

  • IV Vitamin C: antioxidant & standalone therapy – popular as a result of skin brightening effects

  • IV Glutathione: antioxidant-rich treatment helps remedy chronic fatigue or infections, inflammation, depression, asthma, etc

Epithereal Skincare |  13400 West Washington Blvd. Suite 202-A
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292  | 310-439-1926 |

Inviteup-Find Someone you likeInviteUp on Abbot Kinney!

There’s a new app on the dating scene! InviteUp quickly connects you with new people so you can meet in person at the places you want to go. Partner platforms like Foursquare help you narrow down places, choose when you want to go, who grabs the bill & whether you want to fly solo or bring friends.

  • Whether it’s a casual coffee at Intelligentsia or dinner at Gjelina, InviteUp members can PostUp their ideal date in less than 15 seconds

  • Schedule dates within the hour or up to 30 days in advance

  • The app is completely free and browsing dates is anonymous

Download InviteUp for free on the App Store or visit
Post a date for this Friday on Abbot Kinney and find your first InviteUp match!
Look out for the InviteUp team at First Fridays!

First Fridays-Stephanie Johnson Sample Sale flyerFashion: Sample Sale

Stephanie Johnson Sample Sale is  DURING THE DAY FROM 10am – 6pm on First Friday!

  • Luxury Cosmetic Bags from
    $1 – $20*

  • Bags are carried at Nordstrom, Anthropologie & Neiman Marcus


Stephanie Johnson Warehouse | 628 Venice Blvd Venice 90291 |
Corner of  Venice & Abbot Kinney next to Zinque Cafe

*Cash and credit card only. All sales are final.

behind Abbot Kinney (east of it between California and Millwood).High Voltage: Late Night at Electric Lodge

High Voltage is Electric Lodge’s FREE Performance/Installation/Happening late night series. Now in its third year, on First Fridays!

This month’s featured artists: Matthew Olmos + Josh Berkowitz.
Matthew Olmos will present a site-specific, semi-improvised drone work designed to modulate slowly over time with a modular synthesizer system, winds, synth and voice are  to color and change the sound with live projection.
Josh Berkowitz: “My game is arrogance…until I get embarrassed. That’s where you come in.”

Electric Lodge| 1411 Electric Ave Venice 90291 | behind Abbot Kinney (east of it between California and Millwood)

Sponsors: Abbot Kinney First Fridays, Epithereal Skincare, InviteUp, Turning Point Pilates

Get Caffeinated – Top 5 Coffee Spots in Venice!

Venice is a definite hot spot for fresh brewed coffee! AKFF Guest Contributor, Zach Robbins is an avid coffee drinker and provided us with his Top 5 Coffee Spots in Venice!

Menottis-fresh-brewed-coffee-venice1) Menotti’s Coffee Stop:

I love it for its casual ambiance yet astute attention to detail as well as excellent four barrel roasts. Never short on innovation, i.e Cold Brew Old Fashioned.  

56 Windward Ave Venice, CA 90291


Intelligentsia Venice Coffee

2) Intelligentsia:

An Abbot Kinney scene that provides equal amounts people watching and bold espresso profiles.

1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291


Groundwork Venice Cafe3) Groundwork Coffee Co.:

A Venice pioneer with its long standing Bitches Brew roast and quirky clientele. 

671 Rose Avenue Venice, CA 90291


Blue-Bottle-Venice-Coffee4) Blue Bottle Coffee:

One of the area’s latest additions. Sparse interiors make for a quick grab and go experience.

1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 at Westminster


Another-Kind-of-Sunrise-Venice-Cafe5) Another Kind of Sunrise:

Shoot down this rabbit hole early in the morning for a cup of buttery brew or one of their excellent tea offerings with lavender infused almond milk. 

1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291


Guest Contributor:
Zach D. Robbins
Real Estate Broker

Want to let us know about your fave coffee spot/cafe in Venice? We want to hear from you. Scroll down to “Leave a Reply” below. Thanks, Janet, AKFF Editor & Coffee Drinker

Fashion Trends on Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Fashion Trends on Abbot Kinney Boulevard

We’re on the verge of Summer in sunny Socal and the latest Fashion Trends can be found right here on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice! TIP: Silver is Hot & Happening!

Ruti- Fashion Trend - HIGH HO SILVER-AKFFThis is what  was seen on the hot and happening boulevard with some great fashion trends. Silver is one of the biggies, especially when it comes to accessories- cool shoes, purses and belts.

Ruti: Fashion Trend - Silver Purse-AKFFWe also saw this cool bag that folds over like a lunch sack at Ruti.  It also came in beige which was another trend we saw, though the silver really rocks it! There were even silver undies at Wylie Wilson, featuring one of a kind creations (The store is moving and we’ll keep you posted on the new location.)Wylie Wilson-a room with a view-AKFF fashion Trends


Me Undies-AKFF Fashion TrendsUnderwear was a big hit on Abbot Kinney!  Me Undies launched during the March First Fridays and showed pops of color for both men and women. Pops of color were seen at Heavenly Couture with aqua purses, in addition to black lace shorts that were definitely lingerie inspired. Plus, even more seen at AV Nation with baseball caps and fun, casual accessories.

Heavenly Couture Fashion Trend - Turquoise & Lace-AKFFAV-Nation-AKFF-Fashion Trends on Abbot Kinney









Back to beige and off white – there was a tasteful collection at Ananda, including a beige fringe tassel bag and sandals, lacy, lingerie inspired shorts, scarves and lacy sleeveless top. Don’t forget the retro wooden purses- too cool!

Ananda Fashion Trend - Off White & beige-AKFFHeavenly Couture Fashion Trend - prints-AKFF





We liked the beige color pop combo with crochet style sweater tied below the waist over a red dress at Heavenly Couture. In addition to a bunch of colorful print tops, shorts and skirts, ready for summer – oh, that’s Endless Summer!

# FashionTrendsAbbotKinney #Ruti #Ananda #HeavenlyCouture #AVNation #Silver

Don’t Waffle Just Come and Get Some at Willie Jane on Wednesday, March 25!

Don’t Waffle Just Come and Get Some at
Willie Jane on Wednesday, March 25!

That’s what Chef Govind Armstrong from Willie Jane’s on Abbot Kinney told us about Wednesday, March 25, a special night of Chicken N’ Waffles and Old Skool Hip-Hop! Plus, all–day Happy Hour!

Chef Armstrong says of his creation, “they are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside with a smooth vanilla undertone to the waffle, there is no better platform for the crunchy fried Mary’s chicken drizzled with our fresh chili syrup.” This chicken n’ waffles virgin will be checking it out on Wednesday night!

Coupled with all–day Happy Hour seasonal cocktails slung by expert mixologist Derrick Bass, guests will to be movin’ and groovin’ the night away! While you’re at it, enter for a chance to win their Chicken N’ Waffles as well as bottomless mimosas on the house via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook contests. Please check with the restaurant for deets.

Bar-Nightlife-Venice-Abbot-KinneyMarch 25, 6pm – close. Available in the bar or dining room.
All day Happy Hour from 4pm – close.

Mary’s Fried Chicken and Waffle with WJ Slaw and Chili Maple Syrup $16
Willie Jane 1031 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Venice, CA 310.392.2425


First Fridays Exclusive Photos: March 6, 2015 1st Fridays on Abbot Kinney Bl

First Fridays Exclusive Photos: March 6, 2015 1st Fridays on Abbot Kinney Bl

[slideshow_deploy id=’1723′]

Abbot Kinney First Fridays most recently dropped the bomb of eating, shopping and playing on Abbot Kinney Boulevard on Friday, March 6, 2015!

The AKFF Blog (aka Abbot Kinney First Fridays Official Website) was there on the scene and shot photos at Velvet, Ruti, Wylie Wilson, Ananda, Heavenly Couture and the launch of Me Undies. Plus photos of the new Food Truck courtyards on Palms and Santa Clara Ave., side streets off of Abbot Kinney, closed to serve lotsa hungry peeps; that in addition to THE boulevard, yes, you know the name with  Nitropod and a host of others. There was also the outdoor market with jewelry; we loved Lisa’s booth – see the slideshow.

The market was a bit smaller as part of the space was used for the concert with Crown Mob under an outdoor tent. The AKFF gives a BIG UNLIKE to the band’s personnel at the door, who hassled us when we came to shoot some pics. Actually there was one person who was quite be-atchy! Really!