There’s been an explosion of art events and artists happening in Venice and Santa Monica and ETC Gallery is at the forefront of the local art scene!  A few of Isabelle Alford Lago’s Limited Edition Tee Shirts are still available, Slava Fokk’s art is in the Main Street Gallery until May 15 and for the first time in LA, the Opening with the art of Eduardo Bolioli is set for May 28!

Gorilla Apparel-gorillazenbaseballback-1 (1)Isabelle Alford-Lago’s Bodhi Gorilla limited edition tee shirt is based on her mural seen in Venice that inspires yogis and dancers alike! Plus, they’re unique and by an up and coming Venice Artist!

Grab Your Gorilla Shirt While They Last >

These are likely to become collectibles, so don’t pass up this opportunity to wear art by a Venice Artist!

Aloe-Slava-Fokk-ArtistArt Exhibit by Slava Fokk, Closing May 15 at
ETC Gallery

Featuring an entirely new 2016 collection of his most exotic work to date.  Slava is highly sought after by collectors around the world and it’s a great opportunity to see his art. His recent portraits of women inspired by his wife and women he meets all over the world. Make sure to check out the gallery located inside of Dogtown Realty before the show ends.

2009 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405

Eduardo Bolioli-Going to California Pacifico Beer-1Art Exhibit by Eduardo Bolioli, Opening May 28 at ETC Gallery

This is a must attend art opening – first shown in the Los Angeles area at ETC Gallery! Eduardo Bolioli was born in Uruguay, migrated to New York City, moved to Honolulu, went back and forth between the US and Uruguay – well you get the picture.

Bolioli made a living painting surfboards that included pro surfers such as, Shaun Tomson, Sunny Garcia and Martin Potter.
He became the art director for Blue Hawaii Surfboards and pioneered their painting technique, which became a worldwide trend. During those years he also designed for surf brands like Quiksilver, Billabong and Gotcha.

He was chosen by Absolut Vodka to become the Absolut Hawai’i artist whose ad campaign appeared in Newsweek, Time Magazine and USA Today. Bolioli has won a number of awards for his art and now there’s the opportunity to see his art in person at ETC Gallery! This show will focus on sustainable environments, specifically support and awareness for the ocean. 

ETC Gallery – located inside Dogtown Realty
2009 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405