The AKFF Team wants to let you in on all the fun by encouraging you to sign up and become an AKFF VIP Club Member! AKFF VIP Club Members have all access to your fave food trucks and restaurants, shops and exclusive event content!

couple-enjoying-awesome-dessertsWhat is AKFF VIP Club?

The AKFF VIP Club is a login away! AKFF VIP Club is an exclusive page within our blog giving you (the members) promo codes, specials and deals. We have specials for everything ranging from food trucks to apps, retail, health and fitness, coworking and services! The AKFF VIP Club is the AKFF teams’ way of looking out for our fellow foodies, so you can get the best deals even when you’re not at First Fridays! Yes, that’s right! Our special deals, promos, and exclusive content extends outside of First Fridays! Interested? We thought so!

loving-churros-from-ridges-churro-barWhat will you have ACCESS to as a VIP Club Member?

Some food trucks, restaurants, apps and shops we are partnered up with are Dogtown Dogs, Funky Chef Cafe, Zelda’s Corner, Levitate LVLA, Jagmedia, Turning Point Pilates and AKFF Blog just to name a few. Discounts range from 20% off and promotional offers include deals like buy 2 get 1 free! There is just so much you can save on and benefit off of when you sign up to become an AKFF VIP Club Member! The list of promos, discounts, and specials is only growing bigger and better allowing you to save, save, save! Plus, get exclusive content like Tony Alva’s recent appearance in Venice and more!

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Becoming an AKFF VIP Club Member has never been so easy! We’ll even link the sign up page here. For only 29.99 a year, yes you did read that correctly – these specials can be yours! Tell a friend and join us!


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