What Does Kolu LA, Ann Taylor, The Pharmacy, Spotted Pig and Local 1205 have in Common?

Abbot Kinney Boulevard of course! There’s been a steady bunch of retail and restaurant business closings  that turns over about every 3-4 months on THE boulevard, dubbed as “the most happening shopping destination in America” by GQ Magazine.

Easy come, easy go. We just saw Kolu LA, the women’s boutique closest to the intersection of Venice Blvd close its door at the end of June. Sorry to see it go as it  presented beautiful clothing and accessories plus sported a great sales rack in the back room. (Too bad they didn’t advertise on the Abbot Kinney First Fridays Blog!)

Local 1205 also closed it’s doors (no advertising… plus  beaucoup menu changes…) being replaced by the Spotted Pig. Hmmm, sounds interesting.

The Pharmacy marijuana dispensary closed a few months ago and may be  replaced by Ann Taylor, we were told by a reliable source. Who woulda thought… on Abbot Kinney? What’s the world coming to? In spite of that, there are still flocks of peeps checkin’ out the boulevard, especially on the weekends.

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PS- Trader Joe’s to open on Lincoln Blvd- woohoo!

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