They say in Real Estate it’s all about “location” but at Abbot Kinney Real Estate they also believe in “avocation.”  AKRE knows our CHILDREN are our FUTURE, and are doing all they can to become their local advocates in educational programs and athletics.

In 2012, AKRE started the Educational Support Initiative to benefit local area public and private schools. This Initiative has a goal… to empower our students to do their best in sports and academic programs.  “We have always been supporters of our local charities, especially ones that benefit our children, but wanted to further spread that support in other ways throughout our school systems”, says Suzy Frank, owner and founder of Abbot Kinney Real Estate.  Abbot Kinney Real Estate supports the foundation of our youth and there is no better way to show this kind of respect for our community than to give to our local area schools, teachers and coaches.  “We have donated thousands to our local area schools and want to continue this trend for years to come.  After all, teachers and students need our help to keep the educational foundation solid in Los Angeles, and AKRE is a proud supporter of our schools.”

See the Educational Support Page on the Abbot Kinney Real Estate website.

Here is a list of the schools and activities that Abbot Kinney Real Estate currently supports:

Venice High School Sports Teams:
·         Baseball
·         Basketball
·         Football
·         Swim
·         Soccer

Hamilton High Sport:
·         Baseball
Santa Monica High School Sport:
·         Football
Coeur D’Alene Elementary:
·         Yearbook dept
Marina Del Rey MS:
·         History Department
Venice Lutheran School:
·         Fall Festival sponsor

Ecole Claire Fontaine Pre-school:
·         Fall Festival Sponsor

It’s All About Venice!