Robin Solo from Turning Point Pilates in Venice shares 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips  with Abbot Kinney First Fridays that will help you look good and feel good at any time of the year! (Of course, it is summer and  we all want to look really good!)
1- Eat breakfast or something in the AM!. This  gives you energy to start your day, improves concentration and productivity.
2- Doing something active is doing something positive for yourself. Make the time!, Try walking, try Pilates, a Krav Maga class, yoga. Movement is key to health!
3- A flatter tummy can be yours. Do Pilates 3x a week for a month! The practice requires constant abdominal engagement with attention to drawing them in and up,  Your abs hold your organs in and support your back too!
4- Start exercising at any age. Get up your gumption and start! Exercise is proven to increase mental function, memory, endurance, balance, strength and will elevate your mood. There are so many choices, experiment, you may try something you love!
5- HYDRATE! Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function correctly. Fluids remove waste, control body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and aid metabolism Poor hydration weakens the body’s immune system leading to illness  and premature aging!
Turning Point Pilates:  A Classical Pilates Studio located  in Venice, near Marina del Rey.
612A Venice Bl, Venice CA 90291 310-617-6816 

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